How to increase engagement on Instagram

Ever post a brilliant photo on Instagram, only to see it garner a few likes? You can’t remember the last time someone commented on one of your posts – oh wait, you can.

It was your mother – how nice of her!

If you are sick and tired of people being disinterested in your content, it is time to begin considering different courses of action that will awaken your follower base and get them interacting with your profile.

While you could definitely buy Instagram likes to encourage the perception of social proof in the eyes of others, there are other tactics you can employ if you don’t have enough spare cash laying around to fund such a campaign.

In this post, we’ll profile some strategies that will help you increase your engagement on Instagram.

1) Tell them what to do

It’s amazing what can happen when you are overt about what you want your readers to do. When you craft a compelling call to action – visit this site, share with your friends if you think they’d enjoy this, hit the like button and you’ll be lucky in love – many people will follow your instructions to the letter.

You can do this in two ways: either in the description, or you can overlay clickable text on top of the photo you are uploading.

Be short, concise, and persuasive, and you’ll get more likes, shares, and comments.

2) Use hash tags strategically

While it is possible to get your current fan base to interact with you at a greater rate, things will get a lot more interesting and entertaining when you bring tons of other like-minded people into the fold.

Making use of hash tags is the best way to do this – by tagging holiday shots with #travel, your diner meal with #foodporn, and a trip to the latest Green Day concert with #music, people who might want to engage with you will be brought to your virtual front stoop.

3) Write compelling descriptions

A picture is worth 1000 words – this well-worn cliché may have some truth to it, but it is often left to the interpretation of the beholder.

On the other hand, Instagram gives you an opportunity to guide the narrative in the description box. You have 2,000 characters to work with, so be sure to use prose that will help your viewer understand what was going through your mind when you shot that sunrise.

If you don’t hash tag stuff, you will have plenty of room to work with, so make your copy count.

4) Engage with others first

You can dress nicely, shower daily, and make sure your breath doesn’t stink. If you don’t get out of your chair and talk to that cute boy/girl across the room, though, it will all be a wasted effort.

Quite simply, this analogy is saying that you need to go looking for other users to follow, and then like and comment on their photos.

Do this, and they will likely reciprocate and better yet, some of their followers will do the same.

From a Beginner – T-Shirt Printing Shop Building

What business is suitable for someone who has no experience in the field of design online, or does not have an artistic talent in designing a shirt shop? Actually not much but still there, and you have to do it. Another reason underlying you to run it is your love of t-shirt printing.

Just share the experience, a few months ago I got some shirts but it is boring design. I think that there should be a more perfect way to make a personal shirt model. Even though I knew that I lacked the before mentioned attributes, I figured I could make up for it with my quick wit, keen observation and, yes, a love for a good t-shirt. That how I came to design my Ad Letter T-Shirts and More shop.

Actually, forums or community shirt design on the internet is very much filled by t-shirt design maker who are very good to designing t-shirts. If you plan to sell online then you should consider it, in cooperation with the designer t-shirt on the internet then you apply it on your shirts. So you actually already have the ability to make some money quickly. Despite a lot of competition, I suggest you stay afloat in a t-shirt business love let it flow as your driving force to achieve maximum economic benefits.

There are many places for you who want to sell online shirts for beginners. I suggest to work with the most popular t – shirt design online source sites. Where online selling allows you to upload the design and enter various personal items. From there, you choose how high to mark up the price of your t-shirts. When the t-shirt or other item sells, you keep the difference between what you priced the merchandise at and what it costs to produce it. That’s right, popular online T-Shirt source sites takes care of the manufacturing and shipping of the item, and all you have to worry about is its design and promotion.

A Popular t-shirt design online source sites also has templates to help you customize your store and they help provide useful tips on how to get your designs onto the merchandise itself. You also have a choice of building a basic shop, which is free, or a premium shop, which has a nominal fee. I recommend the premium shop because you can put your designs on all the merchandise and build your store the way you want it. popular online T-Shirt source sites also has a decent support system, within its site, of various blogs and forums that can help you overcome minor obstacles you may encounter when getting your shop up and running. When designing your first t-shirts, popular online T-Shirt source sites is definitely the way to go.

Beauty and Style That Will Get You Noticed

Beauty has no exact definition, as different people are beautiful in different ways, owing to looks or styles unique to each personality. Beauty is a quality that always gives pleasure to the beholder, generates positive energy and holds aesthetic values that are immeasurable.

What is style? Style is the appearance of a person, characterized by their expressions, personality, mannerisms and most importantly, their taste in cloths and accessories. In other words, style defines a person’s beauty as much as natural appeal, especially in today’s world.

Beauty and style is a very important aspect in today’s society. Everybody likes to be noticed, especially women. We all like to indulge ourselves in order to be noticed for beauty and style.

What makes someone stand out from a regular person? Read on to learn a few tips on beauty and style that will help get you noticed in a crowd.

Stay in Fashion

Stay up to date on latest trends, and apply them in your day to day fashion, enhancing it with your own personal touch. But never forget to make sure to stay within limits that suite your body shape and style. Look for cloths that accentuate your good features, and cover those you want to hide, while not forgetting to keep in with the latest trends. Match your accessories accordingly, opting for popular picks, yet selections that are unique to your style and personality.

Enhance Your Beauty

Cloths definitely defines your style, but cosmetics help enhance it. Choose the correct make-up that matches your skin tones and highlights your best features. Use regular skincare creams to protect the youth of your skin and maintains its healthy glow. Choose a perfume that matches your personality, applying it subtly, yet sparingly.

Give attention to your hands and feet, not just your face. Use nail polish that matches your skin tones, apply a regular hand cream and manicure your nails to match your finger shape. Spend extra time on your feet, using foot scrubs and regular pedicures to help keep them stylish and healthy.

Hair Care

Hair is a crowning glory, with the correct guidance, you can turn it to your most radiant feature. It is an eye catcher in fashion, and styling it to suite your face while keeping in with the latest fashion can be very rewarding. It is a definite bonus to get you noticed.

But, most important of all is maintaining the health of your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner regularly, selecting the kind that suites the type of hair you have. Regular oil massages, hair tonics and other vitamins that preserve the moisture in your hair will definitely help add that extra shine to your hair that will never go unnoticed.

Dress Accordingly

Wear your outfits according to the occasion. Elegant and attractive for a cocktail, alluring and graceful for a dinner party, smart and professional for a business meeting, colorful and sunny for a picnic and casual and comfortable for shopping. Dressing to match your surroundings will always get you noticed in a positive manner. It depicts a down to earth personality which is always a plus point. Where you can go out of your way for a special occasion, overdoing it for a simple errand like a supermarket visit can easily make you stand out and attract negative criticism.

Exercise Regularly

Fitness is very much a part of fashion. To look beautiful and stylish, you have to maintain a healthy, well formed body. Regular exercise helps revitalize your skin and make it healthy and shine. Exercise as a regular practice also means there is no necessity to diet as your body weight is maintained at a healthy average.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy food as a regular practice. Where as indulgence on occasion is acceptable, if you try to eat healthy as much as you can, whenever possible, it will definitely show off in your looks. Having more vegetables and fruits in your diet will help improve your skin tones, rid you of excess fat and give you a clear complexion. It has been proven that healthy eating is a better path for a slim body than dieting.

Cleanse your Mind

A happy person always looks better than a worried, unhappy one. In other words your moods definitely reflect on your looks. Make it a point to let go of worries until you deal with them and cleanse your mind of unwanted weights. Be content with what you are and what you have and your beauty will definitely improve.

How Do Women Dress For Comfort And Style?

The modern women faces a dilemma, how do I dress? Basically there are three ways to dress a naked women. A woman can dress the way her grandparents dressed, full makeup, full dress and don’t leave the house until everything is in place and perfect. The second style, if you can call it a style, started back in the sixties. That was anything goes, don’t care how I look just let me do my thing. The third style started a few years ago and is gaining ground all the time. That style is called, I want to look good but I also want to be comfortable.

You can’t blame our ancestors for their looking perfect attitude. They went from being very poor to having money in a short period of time. As the depression ended with most being broke next came a period of prosperity like non other. Suddenly they were marking money and just as fast came textiles and goods like they had never seen before ready to be bought. They weren’t used to having money to spend on make up, new dresses, shoes, hats and purses. Like a kid in a candy store they started to buy these commodities they didn’t have access to before.

Then the war came along and these women were suddenly needed in the work force, so they came to work wearing all the new clothes they had and so the don’t leave home until you have your makeup and clothes perfect came to be the rule of the day. Don’t want your fellow workers to think you’re not sophisticated and don’t know what good taste and style you have. Didn’t make any difference where you were going, you dressed to kill wherever you went, no matter how much time it took to do the prep work and get ready. My wife’s mom and aunt live in our guest house and no matter what, no one gets into the house until they have their makeup on and are dressed. Usually a two hour process.

By the sixties things were really changing with old customs and styles thrown to the wind. Out went the makeup, dressing fit to kill and in came the “if it feels good I’ll wear it”. I don’t care what I look like, I want to feel great so I’ll wear it. Coming full circle style was long gone and getting funkie was the rule of the day for years. All the old barriers of fashion and style were gone, jeans with holes and t-shirts were the rule of the day.

Of course this wave didn’t take over the corporate scene until the very end of the era. Your fortune 500 companies, Amway and a number of the others held their ground til the turn of the century when jeans Friday and other catchy style changes slowly started to rule the day. The corporate bigwigs couldn’t let the wave take over altogether, they slowly let the comfortable fashion style take over.

The pendulum still has not swung completely to the fashionably comfortable style but it’s happening slowly and I don’t think the trend is going to stop. More and more women are working out of their homes, going in to the office only when they have to. Dress codes are getting laxer and laxer at the office. What used to be fashionable at the office yesteryear is being replaced by clothes that are soft, comfortable, extremely good looking but most of all comfortable and fun to wear. Clothes you could wear out on a date, go to work in and lounge around the house in.

The clothes of the past, the ones that bind, fold and mutilate the flesh are gone for good being replaced by clothes that look good, are comfortable to wear and show off your figure with out contorting it.

Look around you at what the women are wearing. You’ll see clothes like the Pajama Jeans being worn to every type of event. Comfort is here and being embraced by one and all it’s not going to leave for quite a while. Women are fed up with being forced into a designers mold. They want to be themselves, wear good looking fashionable clothing and at all times be comfortable. Can’t say I blame them, I sure like to be comfortable. How about you?

Fashion And Style 101: The Basic Rules of Dressing Up for Women

Fashion is one of the reasons women are taking so long to dress up for a gathering or an event. Unlike men who don’t give much time and consideration as to what they wear, most women do. They believe that what you wear could either make or break you. But before you try to delve into much more complicated do’s and don’ts when it comes to style and fashion, why not try to familiarize yourself first with the following basic rules for dressing up.

Never attempt to wear double denim.

Although we all know that denim jeans can blend with almost anything, it’s wrong to think that pairing it up with another denim top is okay. If you don’t want to look shabby or exaggerated, avoid wearing this combination. In case you really feel like wearing a denim, opt to wear either a denim jeans or perhaps a denim jacket but never the two at the same time.

It’s better to be overdressed than to be under-dressed.

It’s true that coming to a meeting or an interview overly dressed can make you feel a little awkward, but it wouldn’t hurt much than attending in a plainly poor fashion. Being overdressed can help you make a good impression instead of make you look like you’re not prepared for it.

Never wear running shoes with your jeans.

Most people actually think that rubber shoes go well with jeans but the fact is, it doesn’t. Never pair up jeans with any athletic shoes even if you have no casual shoes. Running shoes are only used when you’re going to the gym or going for a jogging.

Comfort is of utmost importance.

The rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is to never wear something that you don’t feel comfortable with, regardless whether it’s the latest trend or not. Do not force yourself to wear something that you don’t like. Keep in mind that the main reason why fashion exists is to make you look and feel great. If you wear something that you do not like, it will be evident on your face and can create a bad impression to people who will see you.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are wearing the latest fashion clothing or not. The first thing that every woman should try to learn is the basics of dressing up, that is, the type of dresses that would go best with which. Wearing an all denim outfit is a no-no. It’s better to dress more than what’s expected of you than be a disappointment. Jeans don’t go well with running shoes. Lastly, comfort should be above all considerations. Follow these basic rules the next time you try to dress up and you’ll be sure to have a great time outdoors even without spending too much time-and money– on your clothes.

Fashion and Style – Exclusive Fashion Tips For Men

Fashion is a new trend that is commonly used in different areas, but mostly it talks about the latest clothing and accessories trends. Fashion has different touch on areas like interior designs, music and entertainment.

Fashion is for both men and women. Men have different ways of doing fashion, and generally they do fashion to get the attention of women and improve self confidence. Here are some tips that will give you basic insight of men fashions.

Buying new and good looking clothes is kind of hard job because sometime you have to shop for hours and hours to find right clothes. Spending few hours for good clothes that fits on you is worth while. When you buy clothes, don’t buy too apparel that are too tight or too big. Until you get clothes that fit on your body, you need to keep on shopping. When you find one, never forget to try out in a changing room to see how you look on new clothes.

Simplicity Is Beauty
Men should look for clothes that have simple design or prints. Simplicity is pure beauty in this case. Make your selection of prints that have no more than three shades of color. You can add other accessories such as wrist watch, a necklace and a belt to add more shades on your dress. Tryout collared shirts and simple jeans if you prefer casual outfits.

Give Attention to Supporting Clothes
Supporting clothes shouldn’t be overlooked because if you do, they can create distractions. When you wear a sweatshirt or jacket, make sure that it matches your outfit. For instance, if you wear cotton pants, choose a cotton or blazer coat on top. While you go shopping, take a female companion with you. She might be your friend, girlfriend or your sister, just trust her judgment because most women have more or less knowledge on fashion.

Purchasing a Nice Pair of Shoes
Buying a shoe may not be that tough but finding one that fits is. You need to spend sometime in a shop to spot a right shoe for you from the hundreds of different shoes from the showcase. Women always pay attention on men’s shoes so you need to get one that looks clean and easy to wash.

Shaving creams and aftershave are just easy to buy. Men usually shave two or four times a week. If you have a date, then you must look clean, if you are going for an interview, you must look clean. Use new types of razor. Today you can find double-edged to triple-edge razor, but be very careful because these razors are very sharp. You need to have antiseptic lotion just in case you cut your skin during shaving.

How Female Celebrities Affect Fashion and Accessory Trends

The world of a celebrity is a fickle and ever changing one. With trends coming and going faster than your favourite celeb can snap their fingers it is a constant, ever changing source of inspiration for fashion and accessory trends. Celebrities want to make sure that they always look great so their stylists are always on hand to make sure that they’re either the ones wearing the latest fashion trends or that they are the ones responsible for creating them!

With the correct outfit or accessory piece capable of generating a huge amount of buzz in the media it’s no surprise that you’ll rarely see the biggest celebrities wearing the same outfit twice. Becoming influential in the fashion world is all about being a trend setter and some classic examples of celebrities who have pulled this off successfully are below.

Victoria Beckham
She’s always immaculately dressed and styled to within an inch of her life. If this diva so much as changes her hairstyle then the whole world sees it as breaking news. Always a fan of designer fashion and accessories its no wonder she was dubbed ‘posh’ spice!

Vanessa Hudgens
This high school musical star is influential in teen fashion and wears edgy, cool and chic clothes and accessories.

Lady Gaga
This high profile singer is one of the most well known stars for making her own fashion statements and designing her own weird and wacky outfits.

Of course there are many more influential female fashionistas out there, so keep your eye on them to see just how much they affect the world in which we live, and shop!

Understanding Science – Its Application in Daily Life

Science is derived from the Latin term ‘scientia’, which means ‘knowledge.’ It is a systematic explanation of every element present in the universe. To understand the subject, you simply have to look around you. Everything you see, whether it is your computer screen, a pen, papers, your pet, the sun, or other things are all elements of science. Science covers everything from the smallest particle in an atom present in the circuits of your computer, to the complicated electrical fluctuations and chemical interactions within our bodies that enable us to read and perform other normal activities.The Characteristics of ScienceScience helps in answering questions in a simple and logical manner. It can also lead to advancements in technology, and help us improve our knowledge on enormously useful and important topics, like the environment, natural hazards, our health, and others. Science is the reason for the developments in the modern world, and scientists across the world continue to work, to unravel the mysteries of the universe. A multi-faceted and complex subject, science has fairly straightforward basic characteristics.

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Science limits its focus to the natural world, avoiding supernatural explanation about any given matter. It educates us about the natural world, what it is made of, what it contains, and how it works. It is more than a collection of factual data, and science is a long road to understanding the universe. It identifies answers by carrying out tests rather than speculating results. Observations and ideas form an integral part of science. Scientific ideas are accepted because they go through rigorous testing processes, but the emergence of new perspectives and evidences make these ideas subject to revisions.Fields and Branches of ScienceScience is commonly classified under two major categories: Social sciences (study of societies and human behavior), and natural sciences (study of natural phenomena such as biological life). Other disciplines in the subject include applied and interdisciplinary sciences, such as medicine and engineering. Although these scientific disciplines have their own expertise and nomenclature, they often include other inter-related disciplines.

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Formal science is another branch of the subject, which includes mathematics, logic, and statistics. Formal sciences are crucial in the formulation of laws, hypotheses, and theories related to social sciences (the manner in which humans or animals think or act), and natural sciences (the explanation about how everything works). Each discipline of science has sub-divisions that focus on particular sections of the subject.Why Study It?Science offers wide scope for people who are interested in exploring the mysteries of the universe. Getting science help will ensure that you better understand the natural world and how it works. A good science tutor is greatly beneficial for students who find the study of science difficult.

Web Design Developers – Offering the Right Look For Your Website

For most of us the art for web design and web development may sound simple and always a matter of ease! But in reality things can become tough for you and you will surely require perfect web design developers in order to accomplish web design and web development like tasks for your website. However, it’s the theme and the purpose of the website that always plays a vital part for web design and web development like tasks. For an example, if you are initiating a website to spread out information among the web visitors, then suggestively the designing part of your website needs to be bit informative and relevant to the information supplied.If you are announcing such a website through which you can sell products and services, then the designing part of the website needs to based on selling point of view and sales undertone. Apart from these things, there are also few other important aspects which you need to look for and that can bring more values for your website and its design part. Among all these important aspects graphics and images for your website plays a significant part. These are the key elements for any website that can bring in the right look and feel for it.

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In simple terms you can say that there are few important factors that leaf the way for making a website more effective and beautiful. However, its always vital to keep in mind that its your website that will work as a perfect gateway through which your potential customers will move for your business. In this regard the web design developers can bring you more help. These are the professionals that can generate some effective design for your website.It’s not all about attractive design but it’s all about creating the most convenient gateway for your customers to buy your products and services. In an online market people now go for the custom web site design & development all along with how much of time it may take to load. As if web site looks fine & website loading time is very high visitors still may not stay for very long time. In conclusion, quantity and quality must go together and these factors described if work & interact with one another. All the tools should serve just one mission of the web site- and it is the message for all site designers. Also, there are lots of criteria that define quality of the websites.

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The outsourcing Programming services is IT services supplier. The custom website design & development service will allow you focus on the core small business and medium level business action. The Outsourcing Programming services have well established infrastructure, and state of the art quality management system & ultimate info security that allows us avoid misunderstanding in the cooperation with clients & achieve highest level of the customer satisfaction.

Budget Travel and Hotel Considerations – Travel Industry Making Changes To Compete For Consumers

If you are like most Americans, you having difficulty saving money while prices are rapidly increasing; things like college tuition, food and fuel. So, when it comes to traveling you are looking to shave off costs and find ways to travel on a budget, and well, no one can blame you for that. What you may not be aware of or have not considered is that in the travel business; everything from airlines and rent-a-cars to tourist destinations and hotels are trying to find better ways to accommodate the budget traveler.

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For instance, many airlines have had their fuel prices boosted to record costs and many family budget and business travel hotels are making changes in management and in their operations. Recently, Choice Hotels named a new COO and President; Stephen P. Joyce, 48. Additionally they named a new Executive VP of Global Branding. Why, because they know that they must hold their American clientele and find ways to cut costs, while still attracting their overseas travelers who are paying in high valued currencies.There are many ways to cut costs in traveling and staying on a budget and hotels, rental car agencies and airlines are working very hard to compete for fewer travelers with fewer dollars, while still retaining a profit. Easier said than done, especially when jet fuel has almost tripled in cost since 2000 and recently the number of families traveling on vacation is being cut by a good 35% this summer, all due to cash strapped consumers, credit crisis and outrageous fuel costs. Airline Industry analysts are predicting one or maybe two major airlines filing bankruptcy in 2009 and some hotel chains have pulled back construction of new hotels in many locations.